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Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Silver

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Just one more image from the streets of Napoli...



Sneak Preview

Look! It's a picture of my nephew in the womb. My sister is about 7 months along in her pregnancy. Can you believe this 3-D sonogram? I always heard that pregnant women were carrying a baby in their swollen bellies, but now I actually believe it.

At least we can all breathe a sigh of relief that she's not gestating an alien.

I've already been blessed with a human niece (Emilee, 9) and nephew (Brady, 5), and this is just gilding the lily. My mom asked my nephew a few months ago what he would think if the baby were a girl and you know what he said? "Nanna (my mom), ya get what ya get, and you don't throw a fit."

He is SO going to be a philosophy major.



Italian Desserts Quoted

Tracie! TRRRRRACIE! TracietracietracietracietracietracieTRACIE!!!!!! Come-a here-a! Get over here-a a-DIS-A meenut and open-a dis-uh refridgeratorrrr-uh doorr-uh! Take-a me out! TAKE-a. ME-a. OUT-uh. You must-a to eat! What? You already a-hadda serveeng of me? Oh Trrrrrehzzzy, non fa niente! Trrehzzy, you know-a you cannot-uh resista the coookeez anda the cafe'! And-a the cream-a, Tracie, the mascarpone! Tracie...Tracie...Trrrraaaaacie. Mangia. Just-a one-a leettle piece. It ees-a good-a for you. TRACIE! TTTRRRAAACCCIIE!

-Sunday's loud-mouth tiramisu, calling me with a muffled voice from inside the fridge

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Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Wild

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This is a photo from a previous post. It's a shot from the Amalfi coast and it looks to me like a piece of undeveloped paradise from a time before man existed. It's nice to know that in one of the most beautiful strips of land in the world, there is still a corner, maybe just a small hill like this that shows us what once was.

**Post publication note: That's better! I had to make a few adjustments, I wasn't able to see the post as it was posted. And for the record I DO know how to spell "creator," I was just checkin' to see if you noticed. ALSO, TN Chick has informed me that WILD is next week's theme. Sorry TN chick, I'm hopeless, absolutely hopeless.



Who you callin' crehggerrrruh?

This is a recent conversation I had (in Italian) in the supermarket. You must read this old post first (click on the words "old post"), for there are many examples of how we native English speakers have to adjust our language to be understood in an Italian world. Say it out loud and just think how this poor old Texana must feel while she rolls her Rs away.

Me (to the girl stocking shelves in supermarket): Where can I find the cracker? (pronounced in Italian, CRA-kehrrr)

Girl stocking shelves in supermarket: The...what?

Me (trying to pronounce my English word better in Italian): Um, CRA-kehrrrrrrrrr-uh. Where can I find the CRA-kehrrrrrrrrr-uh?

Girl stocking shelves in supermarket (suddenly exasperated by my stupidity): AH! You mean CREH-gehrrrrrrrrrrr-uuh! Downstairs.

Right. I'll keep that in mind...


Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Memory

I have an idea! Why doesn't someone start posting the SATURDAY Photo Scavenger Hunt on MONDAY? Creative isn't it? Ok, enough silliness...my internet access has been either non-existent or very precarious for the last few weeks. In fact, my last post, more than 2 weeks ago, was posted by Mom, following my log-in and publishing instructions over the phone, across the Atlantic Ocean.
Not wanting to bore you all with the numbingly tedious details of my daily life, I have never fully explained why my blogging (and visiting) has gone from every-single-day to VERY irregular.
This is why: I regularly spend half of the week in Naples and the other half at home in Ischia.
Otherwise, I must pray while I'm in Ischia, that the moment I choose to venture down to the local sports betting place that has two computers and many leering males happens to be within their operating hours that span a vast 3 minutes and 18 seconds per day.
So, without further excuses, here's my better-late-than-never "Saturday" Photo Scavenger Hunt picture, with the theme of memory.
This is the Aragonese Castle in Ischia. (If you would like to read about the history, click here, this page is in Italian, but you can get some other info in English by clicking around.) It's the ancient mascot of an Island that will always be a part of me...it has filled the last 3 and a half years of my life and for the next (?) years, wherever I may find myself, it will be a part of the life experiences that have made me who I am, and who I will be. It will be the protagonist of many reminiscent stories, hopefully proudly recounted to grandchildren who wish their old grandmother would shut up already, or at least put her damn teeth in before talking.

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