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Vino in Dialetto, Vino in Poesia

Just last week, one last important bit of my Jeremy P's life was transferred to Austin. From his 10 years in New York, he had box upon box of books in storage, along with some pictures and his diplomas. We called a moving company and this precious stuff arrived safely.

Yesterday, as he opened every box I could hear "Oh wow!" or "Oh my God, I could barely live without this" or "Yes!"

Before long, I was sitting on the couch with a stack of books that he would bring, excited, one by one...usually some sort of ancient cookery or little books about wine or poetry, or poetry about wine.

(For Jeremy to do his DoBianchi thing, he needs his books, that scholar of mine.)

One of the gioelli that he found, knowing I would love it, was a little pink book of poems about wine in Neapolitan dialect:

Cantene', sto vino vuosto
e' di Puglia, 0 e' Calavrese

E' nu vino troppo tuosto

Unu surzo, e mm'ha pigliato

Comme fosse...mm'ha stunato

Ve veco 'int'a nu velo

Nun v'affiuro bona
Stu vino comme stona!

This wine of yours,
is it from Puglia or is it Calabrese?
It's a very strong wine
One sip and it has me

It's as if...I'm in a daze
I see you through a veil
I can barely recognize you
This wine, it knocks me off my feet!
Happy Labor Day! Please enjoy some wine.


Anonymous Ben Shapiro said...

Love, books, wine...what else is there? what else is necessary?

9/07/2009 10:33 AM

Blogger Tracie P. said...

hi ben! what else is there, indeed :)

9/07/2009 10:37 AM

Blogger Do Bianchi said...

@Tracie B thanks for the wonderful blogication! :-) it was so much fun to share this part of my life with you and you were SO adorable reading me poems in napoletano! I love my books so much and they're such an important part of me... I love you so...

@Ben thanks again man for helping this come together and meeting the moving guys in Manhattan to let them into the space... you ROCK! Hope you'll come visit us soon... and yes, love, books, and wine... :-)

9/07/2009 2:06 PM

Anonymous Peter @ italyMONDO! said...

Absolutely beautiful. Say what you want about Napoli - but Napoletano? Che bellezza! Thank you for sharing this :-)

9/07/2009 5:14 PM

Anonymous Luca Risso said...

I don't know why, but I have always loved this one, not dialect, not Italian (but let me leave it in italian), not recent.

"Spia dell'amore è il vino. Una tazza dopo l'altra, convinsero Nicàgora che negava d'amarmi. Pianse allora e piegò il capo nel sonno con lo sguardo imbronciato, e la corona gli pendeva da un lato."

Asclepiade di Samo


9/08/2009 3:03 AM

Anonymous Pat said...

Just to set the record straight my friend for your readers, Naples doesn't have a dialect, it has a LANGUAGE. Very cute post.

9/10/2009 9:33 AM

Blogger Tracie P. said...

2B--i don't know about adorable, but fun for sure :x you were so cute with all of your books!

peter--glad you liked it :)

luca--thx for sharing the poem!

pat--i would argue that there is a dialect AND a language. most napoletani speak a pretty deep dialect (meaning even i could understand most, after a while). but some, especially the older generation, may actually speak the "language."

9/11/2009 7:51 AM

Anonymous Italya Vizesi said...

Awesome man... Your are the best.

10/12/2009 2:56 AM


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