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Drive Beer

The beer within the norms of the rules of the road, that's how it reads. At the bottom in very very small print it actually tells us that 2 of these beers at 2.5% alcohol each, renders you able to drive just under the legal limit. I found this billboard at a highway filling station in Naples. So, cheers everybody! Have nice, cold beer with your local very friendly motorcycle cop and ever-so-slightly-buzzed race car driver. Just be sure give them a good, looooong headstart.

Tanto Gusto, alcol giusto!
(Lots of flavor and just the right amount of alcohol)

I feel safer already, don't you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is the funniest thing ever! And I thought all the fun of drinking and driving had gone out with the go-cup - what a relief...

It is clearly meant to sell in the states with a name like "Drive Beer" Naples must just be a test market. I will keep my eyes out for it.

2/20/2006 4:09 PM


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