Once upon a time in Texas, there was a girl with an appetite and a dream...


Come si dice "hoochie?"

Would you go to church dressed like this? Maybe Playboy has a new "Brides" issue...



Anonymous randy said...

"Come si dice" hmmmmmmmm, I wonder what that means. Yeah I get the hoochie part except I might have said "hoochie Mama". Surely that is not an advertisement for bridal gowns.

2/28/2007 5:56 AM

Anonymous Pat said...

"Come si dice "hoochie?" Puttana.


2/28/2007 9:06 AM

Blogger Tracie B. said...

oh yes dad, that certainly is.

pat--it just doesn't have the same ring

2/28/2007 11:40 AM

Blogger Waspgoddess said...


I have different colours of that very outfit so that I can rotate them according to the weather on Sundays.

2/28/2007 11:59 AM

Blogger Delina said...

I've seen this ad. Apparently she (Elisabetta Gregoraci) got her tv career on the up by bedding politicians who could help her along. So if the dress fits... :)

Imagine walking into the church wearing that dress!

2/28/2007 12:00 PM

Anonymous Pat said...

It all depends on how you pronounce it. Why, does a' stroscia sound better? Or maybe zoccola.


2/28/2007 9:13 PM

Blogger nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I have no comment on that Hoochie dress. :)

Tracie B. thanks again for lunch yesterday. It was so good to meeet you. I had a great time.

3/01/2007 4:06 AM

Blogger Tracie B. said...

pat--hoochie, it has to be hoochie. and for the love of napoli io so come dirlo, so stop it with 'dem nasty words!

3/01/2007 6:21 AM

Blogger Tracie B. said...

nyc--i was JUST talkin about you...

delina--isn't she the one who's dating briatore? it's SO not for money

3/01/2007 6:22 AM

Blogger Delina said...

Yeah, she is Briatore's bit. All that money going round, you'd think she'd be able to afford a better dress. hee hee

3/01/2007 12:04 PM

Blogger Giulia said...

Hi Tracie! Wow, great blog. So great to have found another expat, from the Campania area!

I'm just reading through the entries and this one deserved a quick response. I honestly can't believe that a dress like that was designed to be married in? Well wait, let me rephrase... to get married in a church with that type of dress is just so wrong, imo!
I remember when I got married (here) in '97 the priest made a comment at the altar about one of my guests (a friend from America) who was wearing a backless dress. He didn't target her directly, but he got his point through enough that one of the old ladies threw one of their (smelly) sweaters over my friend. We've laughed about that moment ever since.

3/05/2007 3:17 AM


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