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Part 2?

Well so much for "catching up." Forgive me for deciding not to recite every boring reason for my absence. Let's just say that I came home with so many recent good times at my back that I was reminded why leaving is so damn hard.

I closed Italy with the very same person who helped me open it. I let go of dying relationships, some with people, others with places. I thought I would return to Italy to live, but knew I wouldn't.

Please don't ask me what this all means because I'll have to tell you that my life is no longer Italian. But...I'm on to a new adventure.

You coming?


Anonymous Pat said...

Good luck. May the force be with you.

3/10/2008 12:08 AM

Blogger Giulia said...

Life happens, and sometimes plans don't work out the way that one hopes. There's nothing wrong with a new adventure every now and then! ;) Best of luck to you.

3/10/2008 2:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's rock! My bags are packed and ready to go.... I'm always game for a new adventure!

3/10/2008 4:28 AM

Blogger bleeding espresso said...

Intriguing as always ;) I hope you are well :)

3/10/2008 9:06 AM

Blogger traveler one said...

I'm still listening :)

3/10/2008 10:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

l can understand where you are coming from l had goodbyes myself people and places, meant to go back but decided to stay... Simply, to start making some real money, stablise myself etc :)
This new adventure sounds exciting, count me in!

3/10/2008 11:03 AM

Blogger Romerican said...

Don't leave us hanging.... tell us more!

3/10/2008 11:50 AM

Blogger Angelisa said...


here's to new adventures! i'm in....

3/10/2008 2:37 PM

Anonymous Linda said...

I'm always up for new adventures - count me in.

3/10/2008 4:33 PM

Blogger Italian Wine Guy┬« said...

I'm telling you, there's a book here.

3/11/2008 12:51 AM

Blogger nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.

3/11/2008 9:38 AM

Blogger Texas Espresso said...

you are such a mysterious missy *wink* I hope you continue with your blog while you embark on the new adventures. It is always nice to read you =)

change is never easy but how exciting it can be! I have no doubt your new adventures will be successful =)

3/11/2008 11:03 AM

Blogger Tracie B. said...

thanks everybody...encouraging words always help!

3/11/2008 2:46 PM

Blogger Annika said...

Of course I'm coming! I'm sure your life texan will be just as fascinating as your life italian was - because you're still you Tracie and that's all that matters.

3/12/2008 7:05 AM

Blogger Eduardo said...

I'm coming too.

3/19/2008 7:59 AM

Blogger FinnyKnits said...

Um, do we have a new blog to follow "My Life Texan" or will this one live on?

I'm with you either way. Good for you, mama.

4/02/2008 6:35 PM


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