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Happy Holidays from the Parzens

Here's a slide show that my DoBianchi put together with a Christmas song** that he wrote (very creative, this guy :). In this video, there are the highlights of our first year together as a family. What a year it's been! I can say without a doubt, that marrying my Jeremy P was the highlight of my life thus far. As we begin our journey together, I can't imagine being any happier, but I know that we have a very hopeful future that we're looking forward to living with immense joy and anticipation.

Our lives have been enriched by new relationships, and deepening connections with those already existing. We are so very blessed and have not forgotten that for one moment.

You see, there's no one else in this world who could have given me the life that I felt I was meant to live, but Jeremy Parzen. I love you! With you it's one adventure after the next, and I cannot wait to hold your hand for another year.

Happy new year, everyone!


**I just dare you to try not to have that song in your head all day. You can't help it, can you?