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My nephew will make his debut today! I went to the obstetrician yesterday with my sis and they found out that the stubborn little bugger was ready jump out feet first, so cesarean it is. We scheduled it for one-o-clock today and I couldn't be happier.

My sister is extremely disappointed that she will not have to live through yet another excruciating natural labor and delivery, which makes her about one sandwich short of a picnic if you ask me. Despite her high hopes for hours of pushing a large object through a small area, things will proceed surgically and we will see our new little guy this evening.

A domani!

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Blogger Delina said...

Wow! How exciting!! I can't wait to read more about the little one's arrival.

3/21/2007 2:48 PM

Blogger Susan in Italy said...

Oh! The best of luck to everybody involved.

3/21/2007 4:50 PM

Blogger Sicilian said...

Trac. . . you are hilarious. . . and you are also correct. . . . only I think she is one burrito short of an el grande plate.

3/21/2007 8:06 PM

Blogger Texas Espresso said...

Congrats! Hope mom and baby are doing well. we look forward to hearing more about him!

3/21/2007 10:17 PM

Anonymous J.Doe said...

How exciting! For everyone! Cheers for to the new aunt!

3/21/2007 10:50 PM

Blogger Giulia said...

Yeay, congrats to the whole famiglia! Please post pics of your new nephew, if your sis says it's ok. I just love baby pics. :)

3/22/2007 3:19 AM

Blogger nikinpos said...

Is he here yet? can we see him?

3/22/2007 4:50 AM

Blogger A Novelist said...

Congratulations to your sister. Hope mom and baby are doing well! :)

3/22/2007 10:44 AM

Blogger Angelisa said...

Congrats, Congrats for the whole family!!! A spring baby! How exciting...can't wait to see the lil guy!

3/22/2007 11:46 AM

Blogger nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Congrats on the latest addition to your family!!

3/22/2007 1:53 PM

Blogger Tracie B. said...

thanks everyone! we are in love already :)

3/22/2007 9:55 PM

Blogger woman wandering said...

'the stubborn little bugger' ... another closet australian or new zealander is outed.

thanks for posting, he looks cuter than a wee button, just by the way.

3/27/2007 3:37 PM


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