Once upon a time in Texas, there was a girl with an appetite and a dream...



I've entered what appears to be Hell, and upon its foreboding office door in pubescing script are the words "substitute teach in your local high school!" I feel that I must have conducted cruel scientific experiments on innocent third-world children in my past life, because I seem to be paying off some wicked karma...

...nasty 9th grade karma that cusses like a seasoned sailor who's been ripped off by a one-legged hooker.



Blogger sognatrice said...

Oh my goodness. I am so, so, so, so very sorry. Wow. I wish I could offer some words of wisdom, but images of my own high school keep flashing through my head, and I'm scared. Very scared. Good luck.

4/26/2007 2:16 AM

Anonymous J.Doe said...

Good luck with substitute teaching. It sounds like a horrible job to me. (and underpaid)

4/26/2007 7:32 AM

Blogger Angelisa said...

Oy, I feel you, grrl. I was a "long-term substitute" drama teacher for a middle school once upon a time...came into the classroom after these kids had had like 15 other "long-term subs" who bailed out. Quite the experience...buona fortuna and just remember, *it's temporary*!

4/26/2007 8:20 AM

Anonymous franca said...

Oh Tracie, why are you working (even if temporarily) while visiting your family? I'm sorry :(.

4/26/2007 9:57 AM

Blogger nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Good luck Tracie B.

( Just don't go Alec Baldwin on them. I wouldn't want you to get sued by the parents) LOL

4/26/2007 3:39 PM

Blogger JennDZ said...

Good Luck Tracie!

4/27/2007 1:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know exactly how he feels.

Good luck teach.

4/27/2007 6:26 PM

Blogger Delina said...

Forza Tracie!

4/28/2007 1:32 AM

Blogger Cherrye said...

Uh, well...it might be fun! :-) Here's to positive "thanking!"

4/28/2007 6:29 PM

Blogger Tracie B. said...

um cherrye, that would be "thankin'"


4/28/2007 8:05 PM

Blogger Brandy said...

I served a stint as substitute teacher in Orangefield High, Middle and Elemetnary Schools once while visiting my parents. I have to say, they were a well-mannered group of kids. I was told that NOT calling me "ma'am" was a punishable offense.

5/12/2007 5:51 AM


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