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Talking in Texan, Lesson One

I've spoken to y'all before about how Italians pronounce our English words and now that I'm home visiting I would like to share with you how we Texans (Southeast, at least) like to pronounce our English words. This is the first in a series of vocabulary lessons that will have you speaking of the old republic like a true native.

Lesson #1

muhskeetahs: more commonly recognized as mosquitoes

Contextual example: "Well you jist cain't watch the game with awthese muhskeetas!"

See how easy it is!

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Blogger woman wandering said...

Hmmmm, I could maybe run a series on New Zealand English, not to be mistaken for Australian English ...

It's fairly basic ...
Ben becomes Bin
Guest becomes ... Gist 'apparently'
and 'Brad Pitt' became something that had the whole world on the floor laughing (I had the unfortunate experience of mentioning Brad Pitt while in Dutch class one day ... there was something so wrong with the Poles, Romanians, Turks, Iraquis, Iranians and etc, rolling in the aisles and getting me to say it again and again.

Hmmm, maybe I'll just study real hard at your 'school' and see if I can't shuck off some of the rougher aspects of my spoken English ;)

It reads like you're having a delicious time back home.

4/12/2007 4:48 PM

Blogger FinnyKnits said...

My MIL is from North Carolina and we are always trying to prompt her into saying "Pie" and "Missouri" which come out as "Paaaaaa" and "Mizzurah".


4/12/2007 5:48 PM

Blogger The Öbergs said...

LOL - my personal favorite is when my dad answers the phone and says "Yello?"

4/14/2007 5:29 AM

Blogger Giulia said...

Ohhhh, that was too funny. Thank goodness I was by myself as I chanted those words out loud, as I did it several times to try to get it right. Looking forward to this series of vocab lessons! :)

4/14/2007 7:32 AM

Blogger Sandi said...

My husband's family was from Missouri and they didn't have the word "were" in their vocabulary. All I heard was "we was", "you was", "they was". I used to kid my husband that the Barbra Streisand movie would have to be retitled to "The Way We Was" in order for his family to go see it!

4/14/2007 9:48 AM

Blogger Pendullum said...

I was wathcing Kate and Leopold the other day with my daughter... and there was an actor trying to do a Canadian accent...we just howled... Being Canadian and all...
Ouuuut and abooout? What is that all 'bout?

4/16/2007 10:06 AM


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