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The Weekly Whine-o

Well you know it is nice when magazines like In Style attempt to educate the masses on anything wine-related, but I think that somebody in the research department needs to be scolded by a Frenchman.

Wow, Sancerre is a varietal? That's what you deserve for getting your wine info from a fashion magazine...that I will totally forgive if they put Reese Witherspoon on the next cover.
In the next issue they will try to convince us that Barolo is a varietal that means nebbiolo in English. Are you buyin' it?
**Post-publication: I realized that it may be helpful if I explained the mistake instead of simply making fun of it. I just assume that everyone out there knows more about wine than me, but just in case that isn't true, I'll explain myself. Sancerre is found in the eastern Loire Valley in the northern half of France and is famous for its Sauvignon Blanc. Although there is a small production of red and rose' (made from the varietals pinot noir and gamay), what you will find in the U.S. is mostly their minerally, herby, and utterly sassy whites. As with most wines produced in the old world, the region (Sancerre) is synonymous with the varietal (Sauvignon Blanc) or varietal blend. This came from the wisdom of centuries of wine producing experience. Many wines were made from indigenous grapes, which were naturally well-suited for their respective environments, which meant that there was no need to state the varietal on the bottle because it was all just understood. Now that's my kind of philosophy.



Blogger Dayngr said...

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your kind words of support. I'll never forget everyone who took the time to help me through the loss of my mother.

4/17/2007 2:20 AM

Blogger JennDZ said...

Hi Tracie,

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I totally love wine, but know nothing about it, thanks for the education. You should do wine reviews! :)

4/17/2007 2:25 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Tracie b. I entirely agree that those who "teach" should do their research. I take it a bit further to say that public figures who say stupid stuff should pay some price for the damage they do to our general culture. ie. Tyler Florence is now pimping some plate for Applebees that is topped with bruschetta. He intends diced tomatoes, garlic and basil. Since he is considered the up and coming Italian chef the ignorance of this type of statement should be evidenced but then we would be fighting the windmills.

4/17/2007 5:52 PM

Blogger Tracie B. said...

dayngr--keep us posted, we all want to know how you're holding up

jenndz--thanks! i do, on my other weekly winos :)

well david, that couldn't be worse than the time during one of his episodes of "how to boil water" that he said bologna (he was making ragu' alla bolognese) is "one of those hill towns in tuscany." AH!

4/17/2007 6:09 PM

Blogger dmarie said...

I know even less. I'll have to re-read all that when I've had less wine :)

4/18/2007 12:01 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

I myself am partial to vodka and falling down a lot.

4/18/2007 10:57 AM


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