Once upon a time in Texas, there was a girl with an appetite and a dream...


Lo Ammetto

Look to the right of your screen. Can you guess what's different?

That's right, I changed the "location" in my profile. I've been so neglectful of this blog that it didn't even occur to me how confusing this all could seem. Not that I have any new readers, I still (thankfully) see a lot of you from the old days in the old country.

But, I came home in December, so I guess July is the right time for reckoning. There you go, I'm here. The summary will have to stay the same for a while, as will the blog itself.

I'll eventually change it, but for now my state of inertia will continue to masquerade as laziness.

Works for me!


Porco Mio

I know we are in pien'estate (full-on Summer) but I tailored my dinner to the wine that I wanted to drink. For me, this, or the reverse, is a regular occurrence. (Rarely do I go willy-nilly and not consider the interaction of the two (non-living) things I love the most.)

So I braised some pork chops (winter fare)! You must understand that the Chinon was staring at me--glaring, in that French sort of way that says, "Dare not consume me with a Summery salad."

Being easily intimidated by glaring inanimate objects, I lit my burners in a hurry.

Note to all: Smothered pork chops + Chinon = Sweet, sweet dreams



Il Dubbio

That means doubt. I've been so happy to be back, but after a few weeks of 100+ temps and no beach in sight, I'm questioning the sanity in trading one South for another.

Is there any way to have it all? I'm SO open to suggestions.

Tempted in Texas